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i hate how when you argue or break up or whatever with a guy, they say lets still be friends? ect. it never happens. something just stops it happening. I dont do grudges, i’ll happily be the nicest friend ever but it pisses me off when people think its ok to ignore and forget that you could be friends. either dont give me false hope, or stick to your word.

so that picture is sideways? nevermind hey.

hello tumblr, havent seen you in a while. i feel the need to reblog a ton of things.

what i find odd when i return to tumblr is the craaaaazy blogs that still exist. how do people live when they have such a big following like that.

Yo tumblr.

I know I rarely come on here anymore but I’m just so busy blogging, tweeting and youtubing that I forget about tumblr.

Admittedly though I do miss it and I do still go on my favourite tumblrs

I thought Id do a wish list because I used to always do these:

Current wants:

This guy is completely nuts, but i am laughing so hard.